TetzelCoin — A Token for Forgiveness

"TetzelCoin is a cryptocurrency designed to be a token for forgiveness. Since we cannot forgive and forget, users are able to define their sins in monetary terms and take appropriate action to correct their misdeeds." — TetzelCoin.com

In collaboration with Will Doenlen, I designed and developed the marketing site for TetzelCoin.  The site features whimsical illustrations featuring a symbolic robot protagonist that personifies the blockchain smart contract.

The design and illustrations, as well as some of the web development, on this site were created by Leanne Luce.

tetzelcoin ipad mockup website presentation

The TetzelCoin Illustration Story

how it works tetzelcoin robot smart contract blockchain

The images represent that process of confessing a sin to the blockchain.  The confession is then forever recorded and the purchase, made in Ether, is put into the Tetzel Fund.


confess tetzelcoin confessional



Forgiveness is granted by the blockchain based smart contract.  Once the confession is made and fee is paid, the contract gives back the confessor a SIN token. 

To learn more about the project's intent, check out the White Paper.

forgive medical debt

85% of the proceeds from this project are donated directly to a non-profit that relieves Medical Debt for Americans.

Confession begins October 31, 2017 at 12pm.  

The 500th anniversary of Reformation Day

For updates about this project, visit TetzelCoin.com