Luce Workwear

LUCE is a womenswear brand that balances form and function. The garments are made to the highest quality, right here in San Francisco. Each piece has been constructed to tailor. Combining fine craftsmanship and utilitarian heritage construction, all items entail the closest work and cleanest finish. Elegant enough to dress up, modest enough for the everyday.

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One More Again

One more again is a marketplace for buying and selling new and lightly used dance wear, shoes, and costumes. It is a complex system with built in analytics for product recommendations, user and seller logins, a seller dashboard and seller product profiles, as well as curated blog posts to connect stories with high inventory products.

This project has not yet been published!  Sign up for updates about One More Again here:

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Keep your cryptocurrencies close with our minimalist Crypto Jewelry.  Don't have a Ledger Wallet yet?  The safest way to store your cryptocurrency is offline in cold storage!  Cold storage devices never touch the internet, protecting them from being compromised.  Get your Ledger Nano S on the Ledger Wallet Website

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Willow Theme

Willow is a theme for the Tendenci Platform. Tendenci is a large Django project built to manage non-profits, associations, and businesses with memberships. Tendenci handles everything from Comprehensive Membership Profiles, Photos, Custom Forms, Events, and much more. Tendenci's software was upgraded to use the Bootstrap framework on the front end, but many of the html templates were still lacking full integration, making it difficult to change design elements site-wide.

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Della Blog

Della Luce is my first project from an online class about building sites using Django. It's a blog for a fictional dog, Della, based off my real dog, Agnes.

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Whoa Board at Siggraph

Firstly, I cannot take credit for this project, but when a friend asked me for help putting together a wearable demo for their presentation at Siggraph, I was not going to say no. 

You can "turn any EL (Electro-Luminescient) material into a touch sensor with no additional hardware. It's an open prototyping platform for wearable electronics! Open source and Arduino IDE compatible."  — Kickstarter

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"The past decade has seen the emergence of intelligent or powered orthotics in medical and military settings but their cost ( $100K+) still leaves them out of reach for most people and most markets. We believe our devices will be applicable in many different markets due to their light weight and low costs that are unrivaled by existing exoskeleton technologies. These performance improvements over conventional designs will provide applications in traditional exoskeleton applications like military load support or medical gait rehabilitation. The low cost opens new large volume markets that have yet to be considered for powered orthotics, including lift safety in light industrial environments and recreational use for consumer markets."

For the first time in history, we are bridging the gap between traditional robotic exoskeletons and tailored apparel. Using fabric based actuators, we are developing compliant robotic superstructures and pneumatic muscles that provide augmentation to human activity in a meaningful way. 

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Morgan and Milo

"Morgan & Milo grew out of a desire to create a fresh, dynamic children’s line that would offer parents an approachable, fun alternative to some of the more familiar brands. Our designs are simple, clean and traditional with a nod to modern sensibilities and design." —

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Mother Freedom

Mother freedom was a brand and factory producing luxury goods in America.  Their focus was on customization for menswear using the Optitex system.

Founder Jeff Rose, was ahead of his time, pioneering some of the first uses of the Optitex 3D Made to Measure modules.

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Light up Workshop!

Light up Lab! was created with two other Otherlab employees for the Expand your Horizons program, targeted at encouraging young girls to go into STEM careers.

The girls create an LED necklace in a lab consists of creating a very simple circuit with a resistor, an LED, a battery, and a switch (the clasp).

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mused over 19th century pocket bags in the RISD Museum, and investigated functional garments from holsters to tool belts.  Faced with the challenge off adding pockets to often delicate, feminine garments, I combined masculinity with femininity by constructing industrial 'pocket' accessories rethought for women's proportions.  My objective was to create a collection that could serve as a modern day stand in for Bonnie Cashin or Chanel, with global influences and an emphasis on comfort, innovation, and function.

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Handcrafted Shoes

Made with traditional all leather shoe-making techniques, these clog style shoes hybridize tailored form and utilitarian function for modern work life.

Each piece of leather is individually cut, sewn, and assembled by hand.

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